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The Doctor is In!

June 1, 2018

Dr. Alderson, a radiologist, shared his knowledge with the elementary classes in an interactive lesson about the body.
To start the lesson, Dr. Alderson outlined a student on a large sheet of paper. He then used the drawing as a map to fill in various body parts while allowing the students (grades pre-first through 2nd) to direct the lesson with questions.
As he explained each organ, he or a student added it to the life-size drawing so that everyone could see how it all works. Topics ranged from how blood flows in-and-out of the heart, how the brain controls our movements, importance of our spine and rib cage, what happens to the food we eat, and how to we laugh and smile!
The students were very engaged and had a wide range of knowledge including knowing the heart has 4 chambers and how food is digested in the stomach.
The conversation also covered the topic of the effects of smoking and what it can do to the lungs. In addition to Dr. Alderson drawing large holes highlighting damage to the lungs, he also passed around a sponge to demonstrate what small holes could look like and how with continued smoking, the holes would grow bigger.