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Each of our classrooms contain multiple creative learning centers, individual and group instructional areas, that are all specifically designed to stimulate development through exploration, manipulation, awareness, social interactions, and creative play.

Female teacher helping students.
Female teacher helping students
For 12 Weeks–2 Years Old

Infant & Toddler Center

Twin Spring Farm recognizes the “toddler child as a time of discovery.”  One and two year olds are beginning their forays into becoming increasing more mobile. They are aware of themselves and their surroundings.  We create an environment where they can explore new objects, develop language and reach developmental milestones.

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For 3-Year-Olds


Our Nursery program is designed to be a gentle transition from home to school for three-year-olds. The children gradually gain the level of comfort required to separate from their parents without the anxiety often associated with the first preschool experience.

For 4 & 5 Year Olds

Transitional Kindergarten

Children go through stages of development as they come to understand and to know themselves and the world around them. These stages serve as general guidelines and not as fixed boundaries. Twin Spring Farm Preschool builds upon not only students’ abilities, but also upon their interests, experiences and background knowledge. Twin Spring Farm Preschool recognizes that growth and learning are continuous processes and each individual child is worthy of respect and encouragement.

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For 5 & 6 Year Olds


For the child who is ready for more than Kindergarten, Twin Spring Farm Preschool’s unique, hands-on Pre-first program is designed for the child who requires a challenge beyond traditional Kindergarten programs. It is a distinctive option for children who are ready for more than Kindergarten. It is an introduction to first grade without being in first grade.


In addition to core curriculum subjects, students receive full schedules in special subjects including, Music, Science, Technology, Foreign Language, and Physical Education

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