Curriculum & Academics

Enrichment Specials



Art provides natural support to free play in children. Their hands-on influence with different medium allows them to experiment and explore while gaining skills that are useful not only for life, but also for learning. A few skills students rehearse while engaged in art specific special activities include; fine motor skills, cognitive development, math skills, and language skills.


Computers & Technology

Using our state-of-the-art computer and iPad labs, students are exposed to the wonders of technology. Through age-appropriate games and programs, core curriculum skills are strengthened with their continual practice and use of technology.



Stimulating a students curiosity and love of reading is an important part of a child’s preschool education. We accomplish these important skills by including daily story times, classroom reading centers, and visits to our school’s on-site library. Pre-first students gain first-hand skills by participating in class trips to our local library for library classes and book selections.



Children develop an understanding of musical elements by singing and playing instruments, keeping rhythm and movement. The children are provided with opportunities to learn about melody, timbre, quality of sound, intensity of pitch and vibrations with chimes, vocal chords and instruments from different cultures. Music classes are supplemented by music in the classroom, concerts, and annual classroom plays performed with musical components.


Physical Education

Students develop large motor control and participate in physical activities that promotes fitness and health. They learn to compare and contrast games and activities and develop an appreciation for exercising and participation. Students acquire self-confidence, individual initiative, and responsibility. In Pre-first, cooperative and competitive games are used to develop character, sportsmanship, and teamwork. The students will use the numerous outdoor sports fields and play areas in addition to the gymnasium.


Foreign Language

Students receive Spanish instruction from a specialty teacher. Basic vocabulary and phrases are introduced and mastered though songs, creative activities and group games. Progression to conversational speech along with Mexican and Hispanic cultures are explored through fun and engaging and interactive instruction. Learning a new language at this stage in a child’s development lays a firm foundation for later years in school.

Limited Enrollment Available