Twin Spring Farm Preschool

Where Care &
Learning Intersect

Helping your sons and daughters transform from young,
impressionable children into knowledgeable, confident,
and eager school students.

Preschool teacher playing with a student.
Preschool teacher playing with a student.

An Engaging
Curriculum for All

Our curriculum has a variety of programs
and enrichment specials that expose our
students to new learning experiences.

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A learning environment
for infants 12 weeks old
through students age 6.

Our Infant & Toddler Center foster fine
and gross motor skills, sensory play, and
social-emotional development, and cognitive growth,
preparing students for elementary school.

Twin Spring Farm
Day Camp
for boys and girls 3-14

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Twin Spring Farm Preschool and Camp

More than just reading, writing and arithmetic


The room 5 holiday show was fantastic!  Watching 16 or so three year olds perform in unison, follow directions, and perform on stage was absolutely amazing!  You ALL made such a huge deal out of their performance and it was absolutely wonderful seeing how visibly proud and confident the children were yesterday! Everyone involved did a superb job and as a parent it was so rewarding to see.  It simply reaffirmed why TSF is such a special place, and I just wanted to say Thank You!


Our daughter Remy has had and continues to have an incredible education and overall experience at TSF. Jeff and I have kept Remy at TSF since pre school because what she receives here she would never get anywhere else.  TSF offers Music, Spanish, Art, Gym, Computers and other activities numerous times a week. The classes do incredible projects that continue to amaze me. We keep Remy at TSF because in these most important beginning years she will be fully prepared with all of the proper basic skills, concepts, organization, confidence and education to carry her through life.

Jamie & Jeffrey Alper

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