Event Recaps

Manners Lunch

June 4, 2018

First Graders Learn Proper Etiquette When Dining Out
A much anticipated field trip in first grade is the “Manners Lunch”. For children who have attended the school, they would see the first graders on this special day, well dressed for a date with an adult of their choice, leaving campus to dine out for lunch at the Joseph Ambler Inn in North Wales. However, before they can embark on this unique field trip, they must learn a thing or two about proper table manners! Mrs. Seligman, the first grade teacher, prepares the children by
  • reading a book about dining etiquette
  • learning about the “dos and don’ts” of dining
  • making a placemat
  • watching a video
  • practice cutting using play dough
Once they have an understanding, they test it out!
The class of 6 went last week with a special guest of their choice. They sat in a private room at the Joseph Ambler Inn and enjoyed a three-course meal. The children exhibited proper table manners such as pulling out chairs for their guests, waiting to eat until everyone was served, using the proper utensils for each course, and excusing themselves if they needed to get up from the table.
Here are some pictures from the day: