Event Recaps

Aquatic Program

September 6, 2018

The TSF Aquatic Program aims to improve the confidence and overall skills of the campers through daily swim instruction. The highly qualified and experienced staff constantly provides a safe environment during the swim period and develops daily lessons to effectively address the needs of each camper. The campers are grouped by ability level and move through 16 badges, gaining water safety skills along the way. The swim staff takes a great deal of pride in watching the growth and success of the campers each summer. ~ Miss Meredith, Aquatic Director
In what is sure to be a memorable summer at the TSF pool, our campers earned badges in record speed, with about 50 campers completing the program. If you are wondering how long it takes to accomplish this goal, most of these campers have been coming to camp consistently for 2 to 4 years depending on their age. This summer, we saw several Middlers finish and even some Juniors! The majority of those finishing, though, were in Senior Camp. In addition to the many who completed the program, many campers earned several badges this summer and some received special swim medals, which were given for hard work, good listening, or any improvement that the instructor saw as noteworthy.
So, if your camper finished the program, you might be wondering what comes next? Well, there will be a program in place to continue strengthening the skills of those swimmers. Some who have previously completed the program, worked on survival and lifeguarding skills this summer. There is always something to be learned at the pool and we will continue to teach and improve the skills of all campers.
Here is a video showcasing the singing talents of our swim staff, in addition to some awards that were given out this summer!