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Through our rich environment, language development is fostered.  Music, instruments, songs, finger plays, puppets, etc surround your child to encourage words.




Twin Spring Farm provides an environment that is rich in the latest materials that foster development.  Some of the milestones that the toddler child is encouraged to achieve are:


•    Eat with a fork and spoon 

•    Drink from a cup (without always spilling the contents!) 

•    Kick a ball 

•    Stand on their tiptoes 

•    Build a tower of up to six blocks, and then knock them down 

•    Sort shapes in a shape sorter 

•    Scribble with a pen or crayon 

•    Turn pages and knobs 

•    Scoop up a ball while it's still in motion



Twin Spring Farm recognizes that the toddler child does not play together in the traditional sense. Instead, they engage in what's called parallel play - play in which two or more children monitor each other's actions, but do not interact directly. To the casual observer, associative play may not seem social at all. The child closely scrutinizes playmate's moves and then tries to imitate them  Our experienced teachers closely monitor all aspects of your child’s day.




Children of this age can appreciate a simple story, but also like looking at the pictures. We use board books that can better withstand a toddler’s not-so-gentle touch.


Emptying and filling:

Toddlers are fascinated by the prospect of emptying and filling containers. A milk carton holds a special allure for young explorers because the narrow neck stands in stark contrast to the spacious interior. We encourage the child to put small objects such as Cheerios into a bottle and then let the child work out how to pour them out.


One tool we use is JUNK MAIl.   The child loves the challenge of pulling the inserts out of the envelopes and then trying to put them back in again. 


Building a tower and then knocking it down is not only fun, it's educational. Placing one piece on top of the next teaches children about balance. And, of course, the demolition reinforces the concept of cause-and-effect. 


The toddler child doesn't have any concept of cubism, impressionism or even paint-by-numbers. Toddlers are thrilled by the prospect of putting pen to paper. We  cover the floor in large sheets of paper and let your toddler experiment with various hand grips. 


Through the use of a variety of textures, the toddler’s sensory development increases.  Puddings, whipped cream, shaving cream, jello, etc. are some of the materials used where the child can see the results of their handprints, footprints and finger paintings.

Gross Motor:

The toddler child explores the indoor and outdorr play environments to encourage walking, running, climbing, jumping, sliding and balance.  Twin Spring Farm’s wealth of materials and equipment provide endless opportunities to faciliate growth.


Communication with Home:

One of our most important goals is to provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment for your child.  Separation from a parent can be a great challenge for toddler child.  Our goal is to provide support for both the child and parent.  We work cooperatively to help in the transition.  Twin Spring Farm provides continuous communication and daily feedback of your child’s progress.  We welcome parental input and suggestion regarding the care of your child at our Toddler Center.



Twin Spring Farm recognizes the “toddler child as a time of discovery.   One and two year olds are beginning their forays into becoming increasing more mobile.  They are aware of themselves and their surroundings.  We create an environment where they can explore new objects, develop language and reach developmental milestones.




Every child in the Toddler Program at Twin Spring Farm is encouraged to become intrigued with animals as a tool to developing an awareness and curiosity of the world around them as they start to imitate words.  Each child is encouraged to come to know what certain words mean and be able to retrieve objects and follow simple directions.  On our 30 acres, the children will have endless opportunities for exploring the outdoors and can experience the change of seasons and participate in nature walks.


Our program fosters fine and gross motor skills, sensory play, and social, emotional and cognitive growth.


Toddler Center Holiday Art from Twin Spring Farm on Vimeo.


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